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In Our Digital Marketing Course in Delhi,Janakpuri we have covered all Mode of online marketing in which marketers advertise their product or services on websites, apps, or social media with the use of banner ads along with other visual ad formats. It includes advertising on the internet on graphical screens. Images, videos or animations, text, and moving images are some advertising media that are delivered on various end devices such as desktop PCs or smartphones to attract attention and spread brand awareness across the internet. They are usually showcased in the form of a banner ad (graphic or text), so they can easily spotted in the designated corners of web pages and social media platforms. A clever combination of images, text, gifs, and videos to stand out on the internet leads to the most successful display advertising campaigns. The language, design, shapes, and sizes of banners should be focused more while creating display ads to engage more positive results or impacts of an ad. Along with images, videos or animations, text, and moving images, URL also plays an impactful role in display advertising that links to a website where a customer can learn more about or buy products or services.


Encouraging the audiences or people who have previously interacted with your brand, its products or services, to take a desired action that may be beneficial for both of you, may interest them. Engaging the audience back to your brand, products, or services, such as conversions, refers to remarketing. It is a cost-effective way to increase your revenue as you are interacting with those who have already shown their interest in your brand, its products, or services. It is also known as retargeting. In remarketing marketers advertise their ads to users who have visited their website or particular web page previously, and showed interest. It’s like a second chance to convert, up-sell, or retain customers with online ads or campaigns to foast your brand. This marketing can be done in many different ways and at different ad platforms whether search engine platforms or social media platforms like Google ads, Facebook ads, etc.


CPC stands for cost per click. In CPC bidding you had to pay for every click on your ad. It is a paid advertising term where the adviser has to pay the publisher some cost for every click on their ad. Your ad can be displayed on search engines, Google display networks for AdWords, social media platforms, and other publishers. It is an online advertising revenue model. Relative to budget size and target keywords, bid strategies and conversion bidding types are being chosen to maximize clicks.


CPM stands for cost per mille. Mille is a Latin word that means thousands, that’s why cost per mille is also called cost per thousand impressions. It’s the average cost for one thousand ad impressions or can also say the average amount an advertiser pays every thousand times the internet browser loads your ad and shows it to the audience.

Difference between CPM and CPC, which is beneficial CPM or CPC according to your circumstances, which is better CPM or CPC, branding with display marketing, types of ads, creation of banner ads, etc. are some major topics you need to focus on, and understand fully, we will cover all this topic with clearing your doubt and making better understanding in our module during the course period.

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Digital marketing course with Certifications

Digital Marketing course with Certificates
Digital marketing Classes with Certificates
Digital marketing Classes with Certificate with fees
Digital marketing Course with Certificates
Digital marketing course With Certificate
Digital marketing course institute with Certificates
Digital Marketing course with Certificate
Digital marketing Classes with Certificates
Digital marketing Classes with Certificate with fees
Digital marketing Course
Digital marketing course with Certificates
Digital marketing Course institute with Certificates
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Digital marketing course institute with Certificate
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 Digital Marketing Classes with Certificate

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We at Digistaan provide Best Digital Marketing Training involving a plethora of professional modules. An insight into these modules will be of great help in becoming a successful Digital Marketer.

Firstly, it is important to understand what actually Digital Marketing Is? Promotion of product or services using digital technologies is Digital Marketing.

In today's Internet driven market, Digital Marketing has become the need of the hour.

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Digital marketing Course with Certificate
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Digital Marketing course with Certificate

Overview of Digital marketing course institute with Certificate

Digital marketing starts with the marketing concept. As we discussed earlier meaning of marketing, now our next step is to move towards digital marketing. Simply means achieving market goals digitally (using internet).

Digital marketing Classes with Certificate with fees

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Digital marketing Classes with Certificates

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Digital marketing Course with Certificate

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"i Must say Digistaan is the best digital marketing Course With Certificate. Hi am a business woman and my dream is to build my website own my own. Digistaan Faculties helps me a lot to drive Designing and development skills as well as Digital marketing skills which help me to create a professional website and also bring that website on google first page. Now I am handling my website as well as digital marketing own my own. Now I am not depend upon others and paying so much charges. "


Digital Marketing course with Certificate

"Hi I am a student learning BCA. I have joined Digistaan for Digital Marketing course with Certificate. I have learned so many modules like now I am able to do On-Page SEO,OFF-Page SEO,Google Ads,Email Marketing,Mobile Marketing,SMM,SMO.Now I have so many companies to join.There are lots of job opportunities for me now. "


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